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Arabeya Arabic Language School (Cairo, Egypt)

Arabeya Arabic Language School is a university located in Cairo, Egypt offering 1 direct enrollment and exchange program Programs offered include Intensive Language abroad programs.

Our school specializes in intensive Arabic language and cross-cultural exchange programs with a variety of universities and academic institutions across the world. We offer a diverse body of Arabic language programs in both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA), the most widely spoken dialect in the Arabic-speaking world.

Study Abroad with Arabeya Arabic Language School

July 24, 2024
Study Abroad Reviews for Arabeya Arabic Language School: Learn Arabic in Egypt
Arabeya Arabic Language School: Learn Arabic in Egypt

Immerse yourself in Arabic and Enjoy the Egyptian CultureArabeya offers small group program (2-5) in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) & Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA). S...


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